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Lula Self Warming Eye Mask Lavender (5 Pack)

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Lula Self Warming Eye Mask Lavender (5 pack).  Like a warm hug for your eyes and mind, this self warming eye mask starts warming up the moment you open it. Lie back, get ready to relax and unfold the mask. When the mask meets the air it begins to warm up, staying at a comforting temperature and releasing the subtle scent of jasmine, so you can drift into a daydream or a deep night’s sleep. A beautiful gift of self-care, the subtle scent of jasmine can help relax, de-stress and assist with sleep. 

Perfect for dry or tired eyes, migrane or headache, busy minds, digital eye strain, relaxation and meditation and assist in giving you a great nights sleep.


Open x 1 individual pouch, unfold the mask and feel the mask gently warm up. When the mask’s iron particles meet oxygen in the air it begins to gradually warm up and stays at a comfortable temperature for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Lie back, place the loops over your ears and mask on your eyes. Time to relax.

  • There are 5 eye masks in each box
  • The lavender scent is very mild and gentle
  • The eye mask is lightweight and very comfortable
  • All ingredients are naturally occurring (iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt and water, essence of rose)
  • The eye masks are made with non-woven fabric.

These eye masks are the best gifts for anyone who is going through a difficult time, has a busy/stressful routine, or suffers from headaches/migraines. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to buy, but these masks are a beautiful way to encourage self-care. The packaging is bright, cheerful and has simple instructions on how to use the warming eye masks. 

Give a lula self warming eye mask to someone you care about!


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